Rebekah Klyukin

Rebekah Klyukin

Sharon H. Simon

Rebekah Klyukin has been living in the Hampton Roads area since she was one-year-old. She discovered her passion for ballroom dancing sixteen years ago. She is a biologist by education and prior to pursuing professional ballroom dancing, she had planned to attend medical school. Together, with her husband Zhenya, they have owned A Time to Dance studio in Virginia Beach, where they teach beginners through advanced competitive dancers, for eleven years.

At the studio they offer private lessons, group classes, instruction and entertainment for private events, and social dance parties. Rebekah and Zhenya have two beautiful children, Izabella and Dmitry, and two dachshunds, Simba and Nala. She can be reached by calling 757.490.8999 or emailing [email protected] Rebekah would like to thank her two fabulous partners, Joe Donahue and Mike Melnyk, for all their hard work and great enthusiasm for the dance competition! Let’s bring home those mirror balls!


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