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Brad Martin

Brad Martin

Brad gave up on his dream of a career as a professional dancer at an early age.

When the local ballet studio, an interpretive dance team, two hip-hop street gangs, and a ballroom dance instructor all escorted him to the door (probably a result of burning jealousy), it appeared that his vocation might come down to a choice among his other talents, including philatelist, Rubik’s Cube solver, and performing imaginary stunt double work for Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Lynda Carter. Then he graduated from junior high school.

Brad’s talents for Physics and Math blossomed in high school and college, so much so that he ignored his other potential career choice of running back kickoffs for the Eagles, so he could instead focus on his studies and graduate from a small liberal arts college in the heart of Virginia with a technical double-major. Seriously, he was one of seven students in almost all of his higher-level math and science classes for three years.

Brad returned to his hometown after college and has practiced civil engineering, mostly site design for development projects in the Tidewater area, for 25 years. He is a principal for American Engineering in the firm’s Virginia Beach office. He spends his free time as an active volunteer with Special Olympics, the Rotary Club of Cape Henry, and CHKD. Brad served the citizens of Virginia Beach as a representative on City Council in 2014, and as long as a majority of the voters don’t learn of this performance, there’s a good chance he’ll be back there soon. He’ll celebrate his 20th wedding anniversary with Tracey this fall, and the two occasionally agree on how to parent their 14-year-old son, Henry.

Brad wants to thank his friends at Waterman’s Surfside Grille for partially sponsoring his appearance (is there anything an Orange Crush can’t make better?). And he wants to apologize to his eternally embarrassed wife Tracey, who probably never saw this coming. Brad has promised Tracey and Henry that this will be the end of his dance career (for good this time), except for some Electric Slides and Chicken Dances at upcoming weddings.


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