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timothy peyton


Timothy J. Peyton, also known as Cool Cat, Was born in Hartford, CT and raised in Springfield, MA. He moved to Virginia in August of 2015, in search of new experiences and big opportunities. The selfproclaimed “Fresh Prince of VA” likens the move from his hometown to that of Will Smith’s character on the show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In fact, when it comes to his fun-loving personality and personal style, Tim is a lot like the Fresh Prince indeed.

With such a great love of comedy and entertainment, it’s no surprise that Tim was also influenced by Martin Lawrence, who was one of his childhood heroes. It was Lawrence’s highly acclaimed performance on the show Martin, as a hilarious and relatable on-air personality for WZUP (Wazup!), that lead Tim to the realization that he had to be on the radio someday. Now that he has achieved his dream of being on the air, Tim hopes to bring fun energy to the airwaves of Hampton Roads, while unifying it’s communities. Tim’s favorite things are playing basketball and “getting fresh”. When asked why, Tim simply replies, “what’s better than looking good and scoring?”.
“Creare Vestro Mundo, Create Your Own World”



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