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john owens

john owens

John has been the Chairman of the Board and president of Prevailance since its inception in January 2005. He became CEO in 2007 when the company achieved its milestones to transition from start up phase to
sustained, long-term business operations. Under his leadership the company has enjoyed an average annual growth rate that exceeds twenty percent and has received numerous Awards and Recognitions for Leadership, Growth and Innovation.

Before Prevailance, John was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Excelsior, LTD, an international business consulting, marketing and venture capitalist firm. He was responsible for leveraging emerging technologies to aid client corporations and companies to realize their full potential in an increasingly globalized economy. Prior to this position, he was an independent consultant to DoD.

John served 24 years in the military, both in the Marine Corps and Navy. Primarily a carrier based fighter pilot with extensive deployed and operational experience, he also has significant experience with Joint, NATO and Coalition operations as well as Cyber Operations.

John earned his undergraduate degree from Asbury University in Kentucky, studied at the Master’s level in Information Technology at the National Defense University, received a Master’s equivalent certificate from Air Force Command and Staff College, earned a Master’s of Science—Information Security from James Madison University in Virginia, and a Master’s of Business Administration at the College of William and Mary.

John is on the Board of Trustees of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and a recognized business leader in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He serves on the Board of Virginia Beach Vision, whose mission is to create a vision and advance initiatives necessary to the City of Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads region’s future development, prosperity and quality of life. He also serves on the Board of the Sandler Center Foundation whose mission is to support and sustain the Sandler Center’s world-class programming and vital educational opportunities for the citizens and visitors of Virginia Beach.. John is a frequent guest lecturer at the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, University of Virginia.

Born in Louisiana, John was raised in Orlando, Florida. He has resided in Virginia Beach since 1990.


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