2016 pro: Eric Fernandez

Eric Fernandez


Eric is a Hampton Roads native, born and bred. As a child he grew up break dancing with local neighborhood kids, and experimenting with many different dance styles. He was first introduced to Latin dancing at a young age while working at a local nightclub. This sparked a passion for Latin dance in Eric; from then on he spent his free time learning those dances such as salsa, bachata, and merengue. Eric then went on to honorably serve nine years in the United States Navy where he acquired many illustrious skills. He also took an interest in martial arts where he closely studied many techniques refining his speed, timing, agility, and strength. However, dancing had always left an impression that he just could not forget; he decided to pursue dance as his career. Eric applied for a position as a ballroom dance instructor at Arthur Murray Virginia Beach and since that day has never had to work again – it’s a beautiful thing when one’s passion and career come together. Eric is known throughout the studio as having a keen eye for technique and instilling confidence in all of his students. Eric plans on continuing to teach while working towards opening an Arthur Murray studio of his own as well as develop his photography business.



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