2016 pro: Chuck Wills

Chuck Wills


Chuck Wills began his dancing career by entering disco contests with his sister. Together they won a number of awards, and by being seen in these contests, he was sought out by an Arthur Murray representative who invited him to train with them.

After completing training with Arthur Murray, Chuck moved to a local Fred Astaire studio where he continued his work on honing his dancing skills. After several years in the Tidewater area, Chuck moved to the Orlando, Florida area where he taught at a Fred Astaire studio. In subsequent years he was recruited to teach in studios in Texas, Colorado, and Beverly Hills. Chuck has owned and operated two independent studios in the Tidewater area – one in Yorktown and one in Virginia Beach.Throughout his dancing career Chuck has focused on combining the technical aspects dancing with expression through the music. He prides himself on helping his students look confident on the floor. He is currently an instructor at Rants Ballroom Company in Virginia Beach. He is equally adept at working with individual students as well as couples.Chuck brings his dancing experience to bear on his work as a DJ for weddings and special events. He is often complimented for his courteous and organized approach to each event. He has also received kudos for doing an amazing job of choosing a variety of music which appeals to a mixed audience. Information is available at: http://www.djchuckdance.com/index.html



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