2016 celeb: Evelyn Colonna

Evelyn Colonna


Evelyn was born in Black Mountain, NC and migrated to Norfolk at the age of 7. She retired from C&P Telephone Company (now Verizon) after 30 years of service. She has always had a passion for investing in real estate and bought her first property at age 22. A successful investor, she recently formed Evelyn’s Real Estate, LLC, where she is the managing partner. Her volunteer work includes financial counseling to individuals for the city of Chesapeake. She is the wife of Willoughby W. Colonna, Jr., Chairman of Colonna’s Shipyard, where she sits on the Board of Directors. Her hobby’s include painting portraits, collecting antiques and traveling abroad. She recently returned from a three week adventure touring Italy, Switzerland and Austria. She would like to thank her loving husband of 38 years for his sponsorship and support of this endeavor and prays that she doesn’t embarrass him. She would also like to thank her instructor, Chuck Wills for all his help and for putting up with her.



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